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EVERETT -- Jim Langus, Chief Administrative Assistant for the City of Everett, has announced that he will be leaving his position. Langus said he plans to work through the month of September. The CAA position is the top nonelected management position in the City.

Like his father, the former Everett City Councilman Bill Langus, Jim has taken great care with his responsibilities on behalf of the City. Much of the work Jim shouldered is not glamorous, but rather the nuts and bolts of managing the city. Public safety, parks and economic development received his rapt attention, right alongside solid waste, library and streets.

"Jim Langus has contributed tens of thousands of hours to the City of Everett and its residents in three administrations over a total of nearly 18 years," Mayor Frank Anderson said today.

In both the Bill Moore and the Ed Hansen administrations, Jim Langus was alternately a quiet behind the scenes manager -- and a bulldog -- when it came to representing projects and issues important to the city. In the latest transition between mayors Ed Hansen and Frank Anderson, his assistance and knowledge have been invaluable. Jim recognizes the importance of working closely with other jurisdictions such as the Port of Everett and Snohomish County, and believes in teamwork to help better serve people.

Jim also worked in education as a teacher, coach, and school district administrator. He enjoyed success as a basketball coach in Oak Harbor, and worked in the superintendent's offices in the Snohomish and Everett school districts.

"In all these years Jim Langus has never lost an iota of his energy for work that he loves, and I'm sure he will be a wonderful asset to whatever endeavor he chooses next," Mayor Anderson said. "Jim believes in hard work, and challenging projects bring out his leadership strengths. He is a wonderful friend and I wish him all the success in the world," Mayor Anderson said.

Snohomish County Executive Bob Drewel has known Jim Langus over the last quarter century. Both in his role at Everett Community College and in county government, Executive Drewel has worked with Langus on a range of topics. Whatever the issue, whatever the time, Drewel said: "Jim has always been someone I could go to and get an answer."

Public Safety has long been a top priority for the City of Everett. As a result, Police Chief Jim Scharf works closely with Administration on a host of difficult issues. "Jim Langus is one of the finest gentlemen I have ever known," Chief Scharf said today. "He went out of his way to support me and the Police Department. Because of his leadership and guidance, we are all better off."

"If I had to be in a fox-hole with one person, I would choose Jim Langus," Everett Library Director Mark Nesse said. 'We will truly miss him. In all my years I have never known anyone whose intelligence, capacity for hard work and ability to focus are exceeded only by his care and concern for Everett and her people," Nesse said. "You can trust him to be the same guy whether he is in a meeting with the City Council, with the Governor, or with some old friends eating a marginally healthy lunch. I hope he takes a long-deserved break, and then finds new opportunities on which to channel his considerable talent and energy."

"Jim has given tirelessly of his time and energy in service to the citizens of this community," said Connie Niva, transportation specialist and former Everett City Council member.

Councilman Dale Pope has worked with Jim Langus for most of his 24 years on the Everett City Council. "Jim is a 210-percenter," Councilman Pope said. "Good people work at 100% -- some great ones at 110% -- but Jim is a 210-percenter. He's very intelligent, very thorough. Well miss him at the City, but he has chosen good people and trained them well. By his actions guiding staff he has assured that the City is in good shape for the future," Pope said.

Over many years, City of Everett staff has learned to depend on the man behind the scenes. Everett residents, too, have come to know Jim Langus as someone who personifies public service. Langus has always taken time with local residents and made certain that city departments were sensitive and responsive to citizens.

"Jim shows an intensity and passion for Everett in all that he does," Public Information Director Dale Preboski said. "Once he sets his sights on completing a project, nothing stops him. But along the way, he always gives credit to others and works hard at avoiding any recognition for himself," Preboski said.

Long-time Everett resident Bill Brust said Jim Langus has always been a valuable addition to the City. Brust was chairman of the Citizens for Everett's Future group that worked to bring the U.S. Navy to Everett. "I've worked with Jim and a couple of mayors," Brust said. "And I think he has done a tremendous job on behalf of Everett."

Jim Langus appreciates such sentiments but is quick to acknowledge others.

" I sincerely want to thank the residents and businesses of Everett for supporting those of us in local government throughout the years," Langus said. It has been rewarding to work with citizens who genuinely care about their city," he said.

"'Any credit belongs to my peers and co-workers," he said. "They unselfishly dedicate themselves every day and provide the analysis, technical work and coordination that makes everything successful. Each employee in this organization contributes in an essential way to the City's achievements.

"'I have been fortunate to work in my hometown with mavors who also grew up in Everett," he said. "I admired and respected Bill Moore's convictions, tenacity and courage. I was fortunate to work for Ed Hansen. He was very bright, expected excellent work, and led by example. Ed was terrific to work for and one of a kind. Frank Anderson has a genuine sensitivity to people and has a personal desire and commitment to move Everett forward,"' he said. "I was pleased to help Mayor Anderson with his transition, and that has been successful. The Mayor is working hard and has confidence in his staff. I wish him the very best in leading our city, and I know he takes his responsibilities very seriously," Langus said.

Larry Crawford, currently the City's Executive Director, will move into the position of Chief Administrative Assistant. Bob Cooper, former Parks Director, will become the new Executive Director.
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