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EVERETT – The Washington State Arts Commission has a new member.  Everett’s Executive Director of Economic Development, Lanie McMullin, has accepted Gov. Christine Gregoire’s appointment to a three-year term.

“The arts are not just a fringe benefit of a vital community,” McMullin said this week, “but an essential element.” 

With an arts education as her foundation, McMullin has made it her life’s work to use the arts as a means of community revitalization and economic stimulus.  She has worked with several of the nation’s top consulting firms as an expert in feasibility, business models, and economic integration of arts organizations and cultural facilities.  She is a past member of the Governor’s Advisory Board for Tourism and Film.  With a long list of accomplishments, McMullin includes a 2002 “Innovation Award: Leader of the Year” from former Governor Gary Locke.

McMullin began her career with the City of Everett in 1998 as Executive Director of the Everett Performing Arts Center.  Beginning in 2002 as Economic Development Director, her work with former Mayor Ed Hansen helped envision, site and design the Everett Events Center.  She has been involved with the Snohomish Riverfront project since its earliest conception.  With Mayor Ray Stephanson, she has worked on the Downtown Redevelopment project currently underway, and the nationally acclaimed Artspace, a live and work projects for artists, in downtown Everett.

“Lanie McMullin has worked on every economic development and arts project this city has been involved with in her eight years with the City of Everett:  The Everett Performing Arts Center, the Everett Events Center, the Riverfront Project, downtown revitalization and Artspace,” Mayor Stephanson said Monday.  “We count on her ideas being both innovative and well grounded,” the mayor said.   “We are delighted that Lanie McMullin’s expertise will find an even wider influence with the Governor’s Arts Commission.”

McMullin’s appointment was effective August 3, and will continue until July 28, 2009.


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