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Oct. 28, 2009

Mayor Ray Stephanson's statement on Boeing's decision on 787 second line

EVERETT -- Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson today issued the following statement on Boeing's 787 second line decision:

“I am deeply disappointed by this turn of events. I had hoped for a different outcome.

This decision will have an adverse impact on many loyal and dedicated workers, suppliers and sub contractors here in Puget Sound.

The effect of today’s decision will be widely felt in families, schools, local small businesses and community services.

While I hold out hope that the Company and the Union may still find a path to compromise, our task now is to demonstrate beyond a shadow of doubt our expertise by securing the Air Force tanker contract.

Washington State still hosts an established, experienced, and knowledgeable manufacturing nucleus of 80,000 aerospace workers and 650 suppliers who have built the best airplanes in the world. 

We need to pull together as never before to ensure Washington State remains the center of aerospace manufacturing nationally and internationally.”

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