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July 18, 2012

1. Welcome by Council member Paul Roberts

2. Members attending were Council member Paul Roberts, Council member Gigi Burke, Council member Brenda Stonecipher, Dave Ramstad from the Historical Commission and Art Thomson from the Everett Parks Board. Audience: Tina Hokanson

Historical Commission member Neil Anderson and Parks Board member Sarah Olson were absent.

3. Recommendation to the full City Council for adoption to replace the two existing policies from both Parks and City with a commitment to complete this task by the first part of August. A question was raised about which policies were currently in effect. Following the meeting, Deb Williams confirmed with City Attorney that they do not recognize the Parks Policy however by saying you are repealing Resolution No. 5865 that would cleanly remove that policy.

4. Members were provided with copies of the current policy, proposed policy changes and the current parks policy. They were asked to review the policies; the drafts presented on April 11, 2012 and give their thoughts in writing to Deb Williams. She will collect all and prepare packets each week for all members to review.

5. Committee discussion over removing the “Corporate Sponsorship” piece from consideration. Council member Roberts stressed what he would like to see come out of this committee would be the frame work for What the product looks like, What should it accomplish and how to deal with Parks, Building and Streets. The mission of this committee is to come forward with the Scope, Process and Implementation. What is the vetting process? Where is the flexibility?

The committee discussed having a central depository for any application. Any individual would fill out a uniform application form and returned to the Historical Commission for first review. The Historical Commission would reach out to Parks should it be a Park, the Cultural Commission, to Public Works should it be a Street (Possibly the Transportation Advisory Committee) or to members of the Historical Commission should it be a building to assist the requestor with any information they may need to consider the request.

Once the first step was completed, back ground information was gathered, the Historical Commission would hold a public hearing and make a recommendation on the naming application. They would forward the completed application and recommendation to the City Council to put on an agenda for consideration by the City Council. All applications would be submitted with appropriate recommendation. If the request fails to meet criteria, Historical Commission would still forward on the request with a recommendation to deny.

In the case where a request was made to name after a deceased individual, committee recommends to maintain the waiting period to alleviate any potential emotion decision in naming. It is imperative in such request the family is involved in the process. The committee also stressed the importance of having public notice and at what point in the process to bring in public notice.

Committee members discussed some of the criteria for a naming application, including the need for the city asset to be named to have some link to the person for whom it is proposed to be named – for example, a building constructed under a person’s management, a park that the person frequented, a piece of public art honoring the person, etc.

How does the public notice and outreach get done? Who should get notice or how to get the notification of a potential naming request? How far do you reach in notifying of a naming request? Clearly address this is individual naming and not corporate sponsorship.

6. Member were provided copies of franchise policy for Comcast, the King County Policy, Seattle naming policy, National Historic Register criteria and some articles regarding current naming requests. It was noted that the buildings listed on the National Historic Register cannot be re-named without going through the National Historic Register re-naming process, which would necessitate providing some historical significance to the proposed new name.

Task for next meeting is to bring forward some discussion or draft language utilizing the criteria recommended on the policy draft dated for Action on City Council Agenda of 4/11/12 Section 4. Also, on Item I on page 5 the committee was asked to come back with their position on the term “Exceptional Circumstance.”

Council members Roberts and Burke announced they will be unable to attend July 25, 2012 meeting. Historical Commission member Paul E. Johnson will be replacing Neil Anderson.

Meeting adjourned.

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