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Downtown Historic Preservation Plan


On March 23, 2011, City Council adopted a Downtown Historic Preservation Plan (Plan).  The Plan addresses historic preservation issues and opportunities for the downtown B3 zone.  The Comprehensive Plan and Everett Downtown Plan both outline a vision that includes retaining downtown historical character through economic diversification, preservation, and rehabilitation.  The Downtown Historic Preservation Plan is a strategic plan that identifies downtown historic properties and sites and proposes action items to help preserve, enhance and market historic properties.


Everett has a downtown rich with history and a sense of place created by streets and buildings built around a hundred years ago.  These historic downtown properties tell a remarkable story that is unique to Everett, and this sense of place is a powerful marketing tool.  There are other benefits to historic preservation, including downtown revitalization, heritage tourism, environmental sustainability, increased property values, job creation, and tax advantages. 



For more information related to the Downtown Historic Preservation Plan, click below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Handout with suggested Action Plan Items

Criteria for evaluating historic properties



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