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Cascade Mountain Range

Cascade Mountain Range

The Cascade Mountain Range stretches north to south more than 700 miles across Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and southern British Columbia. The range includes many massive snow-capped volcanoes, the highest of which is Mount Rainer at 14,410 feet. The most notorious of course is Mt. St. Helens, an active volcano.
This photo is looking up the North Fork of the Sultan River (rightward valley) and also shows the lower Williamson Creek drainage. The peaks in the middle are Gothic, Del Campo and Morning Star. Del Campo is the big one in the middle, Gothic is the lower rocky ridge below and right and Morning Star is the ridge with the hump on the left. Vesper, Big Four and Sperry are just out of view on the left. The peaks farther back are part of the Monte Cristo group (Keyes, Columbia, Monte Cristo). The peak in the forward middle right is Static Point/Peak.

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