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In 2004 and 2005, the city of Everett issued Draft and Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statements (SEIS) addressing the comprehensive update of the city of Everett's Comprehensive Plan to accommodate 2025 population and employment targets consistent with Growth Management Act requirements.  Three alternatives were evaluated: Alternative 1 Existing Trends; Alternative 2 Adopted Targets; and, Alternative 3 Snohomish County High Growth in the UGA.  All alternatives included property owner requested Comprehensive Plan changes, and amendments to designations in the Riverfront Area and Everett Station Area.

This Addendum to the SEIS addresses new information related to the future redevelopment of the Kimberly Clark pulp and paper mill site and adjacent properties.  At the time the City completed the SEIS and Comprehensive Plan udpate, it was assumed that the mill would continue operations.  Kimberly Clark closed the mill in early 2012 and has approvals to demolish all of the upland structures on the site.

The proposal is adoption by City Council of the Central Waterfront Subarea Plan, including potential amendments to the Shoreline Master Program, Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code related to redevelopment of the Kimberly Clark properties and adjacent parcels.

Background Documents


Draft Supplemental EIS (DSEIS) 2025


Draft Supplemental EIS Errata


Final Supplemental EIS (FSEIS) 2025



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