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Background and Planning Process

The Everett City Council enacted a moratorium on land use applications for an area known as the Central Waterfront Planning Area, and held a public hearing on March 28, 2012 to take public testimony and provide City staff an opportunity to present an overview of the planning process for the Central Waterfront Planning Area.  This area includes properties owned by Kimberly Clark and adjoining properties comprising approximately 93 acres.  The KC mill site contains about 66 contiguous upland acres.  The Central Waterfront Planning Area does not include the Port of Everett or Everett Naval Station. 

The purpose of the moratorium is to allow the City to conduct a re-use planning effort, and to prevent uses from being established that may be inconsistent with what the City Council determines are the preferred types of uses for the area.  The moratorium ordinance will allow for the demolition of existing structures on the KC mill site, following completion of an environmental review process.

Planning Process.  The planning process for the Central Waterfront Planning Area will include opportunities for public participation.  The City will hire consultants with expertise in land use, economics, and public facilitation to assist in the development of a re-use plan.  Among the matters that will be considered in the planning process are the following:
• Economic development potential of the affected properties;
• Range of alternative uses for which the properties may be suited;
• Opportunities to integrate public access, environmental enhancement or other public benefits;
• Compatibility with Port of Everett and Everett Naval Station operations and security needs;
• How potential uses may affect downtown, the waterfront and surrounding neighborhoods;
• How environmental cleanup may be phased or accomplished to accommodate redevelopment;
• How proximity to Puget Sound should influence future uses; and,
• Appropriate environmental review of the re-use plan.

Public Participation.  The survey responses are available for review - survey comments and survey charts.  Thanks to all who participated!  The re-use planning process will provide many other opportunities for public input and participation.  The City will schedule community meetings or other opportunities for citizens to participate in the re-use planning process.  The Planning Commission and City Council will hold public meetings to consider any potential changes to existing land use plans and regulations.

Existing Plans and Zoning.  Most of the Central Waterfront Planning Area is zoned M-2 (Heavy Manufacturing).  The Comprehensive Plan also designates the area for heavy industry.  The Shoreline Master Program designates the waterfront area as “Urban Deepwater Port”.  

Schedule.  The City anticipates that the planning process will take about six months, if no changes to the City’s Comprehensive Plan or Shoreline Master Program are proposed.  Changes that require one or both of these planning documents to be amended will require a longer planning process.

Contact Info:
Planning Department
2930 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 8A
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-8731
F: 425-257-8742

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