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Word on the Street

Calling all writers and lovers of the written word!

Royals, Smith Coronas, Underwoods and Olympias... Vintage typewriters will fill downtown Everett with the sounds of keys clacking, bells dinging and the zip of carriage returns.

Curious? Ten manual typewriters on artist-embellished typewriter tables will roll out on the sidewalks of downtown Everett on July 16.  Visit all ten typewriters, take a turn clacking the keys and answer the question of the day. The typewriters will be on display through Aug. 5

1. Zippy's, 2811 Wetmore Avenue
2. Wetmore Theatre Plaza, 2710 Wetmore Avenue
3. Silver Cup, 2707 Colby Avenue
4. Everett Public Library, 2702 Hoyt Avenue
5. Petite Sweet, 2613 Colby Avenue
6. Renee's, 2820 Colby Avenue
7. Schack Art Center, 2921 Hoyt Avenue
8. HomeStreet Bank, 2720 Hoyt Avenue
9. Mermaid Café, 2932 Colby Avenue
10.Major League Pizza, 2811 Colby Avenue

Tables decorated by local artists
The typewriters will be displayed on artist-embellished typewriter tables, reflecting the theme of the written word.

Artists include:
Shannon Danks
Amber Forrest
Lyussy Hyder
Roxann Jaross
Jesse James Jeter
Erin Mee
Dawn Westmoreland
Josey Wise

Special thanks to David Austin of Northwest Business Products, who inherited a typewriter repair store from his father. David cleaned the machines, fixed stuck keys and outfitted them with new ribbons.



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