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Finding an owner

• Check for a license or other identification. Regional licenses may be traced 24 hours a day by calling Snohomish County licensing at 425-388-3627.

• Have the pet scanned for a microchip. Local veterinarians and shelters will provide this service for free. Follow up by contacting the owner. Ask the veterinarian or shelter for help if needed.

• Put ads in local newspapers. Many papers offer free ads to finders of lost pets.

• List the pet as “found” on and other web sites such as Craig's List. When listing a found pet, withhold some information about the pet that only the owner would know for positive identification purposes.

• Contact your local shelters. List the pet on the “found list” if you have a safe and secure place to keep the pet for a few days.

• Put up flyers. Grocery stores and gas stations may have bulletin boards.

• Take the pet to the local animal shelter. If the owner is not found, the pet usually has a very good chance for finding a new home. 

Note: If you're planning to adopt a found pet, check with your local jurisdiction on the requirements of reporting or claiming found property. Pets are considered personal property and there may legal or civil ramifications of keeping a found pet.


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