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Licenses & microchips

Beginning November 1, 2014 the Everett Animal Shelter will take over pet licensing for animals within the Everett city limits.


The revenue will help support the costs of providing animal control and reuniting animals with their families.


You can purchase your pet’s license at the Everett Animal Shelter, 333 Smith Island Road or the City of Everett Clerk’s office, 2930 Wetmore Ave.  All pets in the City of Everett are required to have a pet license.


While the license number issued to your pet will be good for the life of your pet, you will need to renew your pet’s license yearly. For example, if you purchase your pet license in January 2015, you will need to renew in January 2016, but you will not receive a new tag.



New license and renewal fees:

Altered: $20

Altered and microchipped: $10

Unaltered: $40

Service dogs: $10


Senior citizens 65+ years


New license and renewal fees:

Altered: $15

Altered and microchipped: $7.50

Unaltered: $40

Service dogs: $10


All replacement tags are $10


We are able to take cash or charge for payment. We are unable to accept checks.


The City of Everett will continue to sell pet licenses for unincorporated Snohomish County. If you live outside of the City of Everett or unincorporated Snohomish County, please contact your local agency to find out where you should purchase your license.


Facility licensing
Homes with more than two dogs or two cats need to apply for a facility license. This policy helps ensure that people who have more than the average number of pets have the ability to properly care for them.

Please pick up a facility application at the Everett Animal Shelter or contact us at 425-257-6001 to request an application by mail. Once the application is received, an inspection of the facility must be scheduled. Any problems identified will be noted and discussed, and the inspecting officer will work with the owner to correct any deficiencies.

Facilities licenses must be renewed on an annual basis.

Facility licensing fees
Facility license with all animals spayed or neutered: $50
Facility license with all or some animals intact: $75
Commercial or breeding license: $100

Small livestock (six or more): $25.
Large livestock (such as goats, emus, sheep): $75.


For more information about animal licensing please contact the Everett Animal Shelter’s pet license line at (425) 257-6001.


We encourage all pet owners to microchips their pets. It’s a great way for your pet to be identified and find its way home in the event it becomes lost.


A microchip is a small, permanent piece of identification that is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades of your pet (about the size of a piece of rice). This permanent ID can be read by a special scanner at most vet clinics and animal shelters. The ID number contained within the microchip is registered in your name to a national data base. If your pet is lost, the microchip will be scanned and then traced to you. 

Microchipping is one of the services we offer at the shelter. The cost is $40 (dog or cat). No appointment necessary, just come on in!



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