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Code Enforcement

This department is responsible for enforcing various chapters of the Everett Municipal Code that address public health and safety issues, including regulations related to rubbish, other nuisances, removal of vegetation, zoning, housing, dangerous buildings, environmental violations, and junk vehicles on private property. Code Enforcement works in partnership with other City departments and Everett citizens to develop and implement innovative solutions to complex problems related to health and safety in our community.

Code Enforcement hearings are held every other Thursday. Click below for the monthly agendas:

September 18, 2014

Click here for more information on the Code Enforcement Unit. For additional questions call us at 425-257-8560.

To better understand how the flow of Code Enforcement complaints, look at a chart to see a visual representation of the process.

Contact Info:
Kevin Fagerstrom, supervisor
3002 Wetmore Ave
T: 425-257-8565
F: 425-257-8569

Code Enforcement Unit
3002 Wetmore Ave
T: 425-257-8560
F: 425-257-8569
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