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Old House Guide

Is my house historic?
Every house in Everett is an integral part of local history. Your house has its own story to tell. Whether it belonged to the mill owner or the mill worker, it is important because there is no other like it. Everett has a stock of well-built old houses of fine character. Every house, even those that lack outstanding architectural merit, adds to this overall character.

Is my house’s character worth saving?
You bet it is. Keeping up or reclaiming the character and integrity of an older home will add grace and beauty to your life and will help assure neighborhood stability and increase the value of your property. 

Old houses were usually built with good workmanship, fine materials, and attention to detail. These attributes grow more valuable with the passage of time. Helping your old house achieve its best potential is not only giving it back its former dignity; it is also an investment in the future.

Experience has shown that when you begin taking an interest in your old house, it sparks others to notice. The pride of caring for one old house spreads down the block, throughout the neighborhood, and across the city. Fine old houses that look their best add to every resident’s enjoyment of their city.

Where do I start?
Take a good long look at your old house. Look at it with new eyes; notice its details and uniqueness. Look into its past to learn when it was built, what style it is, or who has lived there. Next, determine the best course of action for your house, whether you’re preserving, restoring, remodeling, or only researching its history.


Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP)
CHIP provides loans for home improvement to eligible low-income homeowners and landlords for low-income housing.

Engineering & Public Services
Because the 1909 Snohomish County Courthouse fire destroyed early records, Public Services is the best resource for tracing original water hook-ups and owners' names.

Everett Historical Commission
The Commission is a citizen advisory board that works to encourage preservation of Everett’s architectural history.

Everett Public Library
The Northwest Room in the downtown library has books on renovation and catalogues that supply everything from chimney tops to gingerbread. Look for historic maps and directories of past owners.

Planning Department
Historic Property inventories, maps of historic districts, and information on Everett Register properties are housed here.

Snohomish County Assessor
The County Assessor has the tax records for your home and the field books with information used to determine assessed valuation.




Contact Info:
Jan Meston, specialist
2930 Wetmore Ave. Ste. 8-A
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-7164
F: 425-257-8742

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