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Historical Commission

The Historical Commission advises the city on matters of history and historic preservation.   

Duties include:
•  Nominating properties to the Everett Register of Historic Places.
•  Reviewing State and National Register nominations.
•  Approving projects for 'Special Valuation' tax benefits.
•  Providing design review in the Historic Overlay Zone. 
•  Sponsoring workshops and publishing books and brochures on Everett heritage.

The Everett Historical Commission is made up of nine Everett residents and two alternates who are appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. These commissioners are responsible for the Everett Historic Preservation Program. 

The Commission's monthly meetings cover a variety of topics relating to the conservation of the city's historic resources and promotion of civic historical awareness. All meetings are open to the public.

Paul-Erick Johnson, chair
Bobby Olsen, vice chair
Neil Anderson
Jim Staniford
Allan White
Steve Fox
Laura Cameron-Behee
Mark Soine
Arnold Morrison
Dale Good
William A. Vincent

Meeting time:
Fourth Tuesday of each month, 6:30 p.m.
Meeting location:
Hearing Room of the Planning and Community Development Department, eighth floor of the Wall Street Building, 2930 Wetmore Ave., Everett.



Contact Info:
Historical Commission
2930 Wetmore Ave. Ste. 8-A
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-8731
F: 425-257-8742

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